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Who pays attention to Fax...?
EVERYBODY! A fax needs to be removed from the machine forcing the person to check whether the fax is important or not. This causes the recipient to at least read the first few lines.
There are almost no other commercial message system that are as cheap as a fax that generate that much attention.

Contracts, Documents, Images, photos....
Send them all directly from your or any other PC in the world (provided it has internet access). Save yourself the time and cost of having to purchase a fax machine, the long waits at the fax machine when you're trying to send double sided documentation, the stacks of fax logs and the expensive international Faxes.

We can be your archive
After each fax transmission you will automatically receive a confirmation email with the following content:

Abacusfax Service Information!

Faxmessage to: 49285512345
Fax Answerback: 0285512345
Subject: Objection to tax-notice
Completed at: 01-04-03 17:16:01
Status: Successfully sent at 01-04-03 17:18:03.

Best regards
Your Abacus Service Team

After each broadcast fax (mass-fax) you will receive a listing of all the fax transmissions you made as displayed below. Take a look at this listing and be aware that you won't need to keep it.
You can retrieve the listing you received or past listings and transmission confirmations at any time in our Online Customer Service system. All this information will be stored an entire year sortable by Date, Subject or the recipient's faxnumber. Additionally you can retrieve financial and billing information about each fax you sent via the same method also for an entire year.
Here is a typical example of an entry in our archive (partially abbreviated where needed):


Should you have the desire or the need for an archive that stores your information for longer than a year then Abacus is more than capable of supplying this service for you for a moderate fee. Requesting this service can be done by contacting our support team.

Do you send regular (news-) letters by fax?
We offer a complete (free) online faxnumber administration with customisable settings (under construction) and the transmission of your fax (news-) letters to anyone in the world at the lowest rates possible!

Under these conditions? - Order Now!

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